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Welcome to Newquay Surfing!

Newquay Surfing is based within Emoceanl Surf, Newquay, in the heart of Newquay town and 30 seconds away from the famous Towan Beach.

Newquay Surfing have been hiring out surfing equipment to our customers since 1998, and have the facilities for you to change, and for us to look after your clothing and valuables at no extra charge whilst you enjoy your day.

We cater for all levels of surfing experience, hiring out softboards, epoxy, shortboards, minimals and body boards. We are also now offering the hire of kayaks, single and tandem and stand up paddle boards.

Beginners:- we have a range of Swell foam boards which are ideal for learners as they have plenty of volume, stability and buoyancy.

Intermediate:- we have Epoxy boards, with fins which are lighter than the large soft boards.

Advanced:- We have a range of Spider shortboards and minimals to accomomodate all.

Bodyboards:- A range of bodyboards all with wristed leashes.

Wetsuits:- We have a selection of summer and winter wetsuits for ladies, men and children, only £5 a day.


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